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Sunday, 9 August 2015



 I wish to share this beautiful piece with you this Sunday morning.Have you lost hope?Those that put
their  trust in the Lord shall not be put to shame”.Do you really trust God? Or, are you waiting because  you have    tried everything possible and nothing seems to be working?
Whatever it is, the waiting period is a time to test one’s faith.    It is also a time for patience.
Waiting on the Lord  is never so easy.  The one waiting on the Lord must have total trust in Him.
Men of God  describe the Word of God according to Genesis 1 verse 28, “ Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it “, as a command.
Since it is a command, it must come to fulfillment in your life. D'ont worry God will perfect all that concerns you in due time. Just trust him ,he is still the God of old, the impossibility specialist, nothing is impossible in his sight,only if we have faith. He says we should ask him anything in prayers and believe that he has done it, that surely he will do it. Remember the days of the Israelites, how they got to the middle of nowhere ,in the mighty Red sea, Pharaoh and his men has already closed in on them. He is the greatest I AM that I AM , but Moses has faith ,he knows that the lord is always his battle Axe ,that one with him is majority,that he is capable of making a way where they seems to be no way, that he is capable of making something out of nothing. What did Moses do? he called upon the greatest defender, the mighty man in battle,the ancient of days and the lord instructed him to part a mighty sea with just a stroke from ordinary wood and the lord said  to him, behold! the Egyptians you see this day ,you shall see them no more.What a mighty God! so you see your problems is nothing to him,only believe and trust in him.It shall be well with you Amen.

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