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Thursday, 3 September 2015



Hmm could this be a contract? Is kanye’s romance with the woman who broke the Internet fading?
Kanye was allegedly caught talking with one of his exes, and Kim reportedly accused her husband of cheating on her!

All is not well between kim k and kanye, according to a brand new report in the Sept. 14 issue of In Touch magazine. Kanye and Kim looked like they were still head over heels for each other at the VMAs. But, before the event, Kim was reportedly at Kanye’s throat, allegedly accusing him of cheating on her!“She found messages on his phone from one of his exes,” an insider tells In Touch, adding that the ex in question reportedly was “a woman he was deeply in love with before he got super famous.” Kim didn’t take this reported discovery well, allegedly going “ballistic” on Kanye, even reportedly accusing him of cheating on her! However, In Touch source said that before that love-fest, Kim and Kanye were reportedly having a huge fight! “It hurt Kim that he kept the texts a secret from her,” the insider told In Touch, “which made her even more suspicious.” Plus, every time Yeezy reportedly tried to defend himself, Kim allegedly grew “angrier and more vitriolic” leaving Kanye to reportedly storm out! Yikes!

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