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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


     Is true kylie loves tyga but she isn't happy with tyga dwindling career. Kylie wants tyga to be like

drake so that they can be a couple just like kim and kanye.

She has decided to light fire under tyga bottom for him to pick up lmao! Sources disclosed that kylie and tyga had a serious fight because tyga was angry that kylie compared him to drake.

Kylie asked tyga "don't you want to be in the clubs and hearing the fans rap one of your songs like
they do to drake? lol .

Tyga didn't like her comparison but snapped "bae how dare you compare me to that meathead drake?

thats fucked up, you know nothing about rap. Rap has more skills that sitting around snapchatting all day and calling your self queen of snap chat! omg blac chyna must be laughing so hard lmao! Drake is going to become a kardashian soon.

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