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Thursday, 22 October 2015


A three storey building located at 87 odunfa street , off adeniji street in Lagos has collapsed. Many
occupants of the building are said to be trapped in the debris.

 Five people were rescued from the building which collapsed around 9am in the morning of yesterday. The building which was popularly known as civilian barrack is over 30 years old. 

Among the five persons rescued where an 87 years old woman and a 15 years old boy whom were still alive.
 According to NEMA spokes man fariloye, there may not be much of occupants in the building because they must have all left for their daily businesses before the building collapsed. 

We believed that those rescued were the only people left in the building as no report has been given by the tenants concerning a missing person.

 The cause of the collapse was not immediately ascertained but it was assumed that the building must have been begging to go back to his ancestors before the worst happened.

 According to some residents the building is already old and dilapidated and even have some cracks. Rumour has it that lord lugard was once a tenant in the supposed building!

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