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Sunday, 4 October 2015


     Aww Amber rose made an incredible speech on her slut walk event on october 3.She shared with
the crowd her own experience with slut charming and hurtful sexist behaviour.  Her speech

"I have decided to have this slut walk for women who have been through shit
 even though am up here crying, i want to be the strong person you all look
 up to and do apologise for all guys. I want to forgive kanye for all he said
 about me, i want to let all that negativity go"

Amber speech continued by forgiving wiz,

"wiz went on to make a song saying that he fell in love
with a stripper, but fell out of love quicker.As you can
imagine him being the love of my life, regardless of us
going through a separation or not it was extremely hurtful.
wiz has actually understood the impact of his words and what
 the song did to the woman he once loved, i also forgive wiz "

Lol Amber rose mum  Dorothy held a banner that reads fuck YO 30 showers, which depicts what
kanye said to her daughter in an interview after hooking up with kim.

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