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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How oil minister 3.7billion house implicated her


     Diezeani Allison Madueke and former NNPC director squandered oil money in a london house.
A ccording to sources, Allison madueke and the former MD bought a house in london under mortgage.

They attracted suspicion when they decided in a hush to clear the mortgage at once. It was learnt that uk crime agency dispatched a team in abuja to trace the source of income of the  oil minister and her director because of the huge amount flowing speedily just to clear the mortgage all of a sudden.
The uk however suspected that the money must have been  stolen from the government of Nigeria. The uk officials realised that the monthly amount for the mortgage was too high compared to what is been paid to a public official in nigeria.
They let the funds sink into their economy before they swooped into action to prosecute Allison and her Director.
It was  strictly UK  investigation which started since 2013 and  is'nt linked to  EFCC authority in Nigeria.

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