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Friday, 30 October 2015



Well this is the work of God from the start, so why wont it end in praise. According to a sweet report

reaching me lol, Lamar Odom will no longer be needing a transplant for his failed kidneys.

Within the week, news were agog that the ailing basketball player will be needing a kidney due to
some damages which the four days binge at Nevada brothel incurred on him.

It was revealed that the only son of the kardashian clan Robert offered to donate his kidney to save his ailing brother in-law.Well, the good news is that Lamar has been taken off dialysis and wont be needing the kidneys after-all.

Doctors were convinced that he needed kidneys transplant, but who can challenge the almighty power of the most high , who can decide to make old things new.

Of-course is a miracle and i believe in miracles. Just within 48 hrs Lamar's kidney has recovered so well that he has been moved out of ICU where he was getting dialysis.

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