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Sunday, 18 October 2015



     39 years old Chamberlain Ojoko has been arrested by the Imo state police for allegedly killing his girlfriend  and later buried her in a shallow grave .

 According to Imo state commissioner of police, the relationship between the deceased Chinonye and chamberlain started on the day chinonye boarded a bus with Ojoko in December 2014.

While chinenye lived in Umuahia , Ojoko was living in port harcourt. They later exchanged phone numbers. Chamberlain regularly invited her to Owerri where they usually lodge in a hotel.

After each visit chamberlain will give Chinenye 3000 or 4000 for her transport back to her base. Trouble started when Chinenye informed Ojoko that she was pregnant.

 The news wasn't pleasant for Ojoko which made him seek for solution to terminate the pregnancy. Ojoko convinced her and took her to his hometown near an uncompleted building around 6pm in the evening and gave her a local abortion concoction.

 Within hours terrible pain began to wreck her stomach and her body  and stomach . Ojoko ran to his village and brought a shovel , dig a shallow grave and buried her there.

 Thinking that his mission has been accomplished, he went back to port harcourt to embrace his family and pregnant wife. Unknown to him a little girl from their village saw him when he was conveying chinenye's body to the grave.

 The little girl later told the owner of the building who was from their village what he saw . The man Dr ukaegbu reported the crime to Ezinihite police, the head contacted the homicide unit at Imo state  who lead his men to port harcourt where Ojoko was arrested.

The body of the deceased was exhumed and autopsy conducted. It was revealed that while the girl was writhing in pain ojoko used her cloth to choke her to death. He later threw away her handset.

 Police are seeking assistance from the public to see if they can locate any of the deceased relation since Ojoko has disposed her handset. The suspect will soon be charged to court. 

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