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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Massive protest by IPOB members as Nnamdi Kalu remains in detention

 There was a massive protest yesterday by the River State chapter of the Movement of Actualization
 of the Sovereign state of Biafra MASSOB , who now wants to be known as indigenous people of  Biafra.
  They came out in mass to protest the detention of Nnamdi Kalu, the director of radio Biafra. The    protest in Onitsha turned bloody as four people were shot and 15 others injured by the police.

 The protest drawn from different part of river state assembled at 7 am which caused a heavy gridlock  of humans and vehicles.
 The protesters which were non violent alleged that federal government is determined to relegate  Igbos to the background vowing that no amount of intimidation and harassment will subdue there  will power. 
 In Asaba same songs of solidarity played out. They where chanting songs stating that they want their  freedom and has suffered enough in the hands of federal Government.
 They narrated that they are freedom agitators who obey the law of the land. This is democracy and there is freedom of speech and freedom of movement. The marriage has lasted for 101 years and we are tired, we need a divorce lol.  Let Nigeria be Nigeria and Biafra be biafra.

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