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Friday, 30 October 2015



Beautiful Nigerian  US based PR Executive Bianca Johnson has called on all igbos and people agitating for biafra to shun the propaganda . She stated that between 1966 to 1970 more than 2 million igbos and non igbos lost their lives in the civil war. She also narrated the story her dad told her about how he lost his cousins and nephew,See it below,

“Nigeria and Nigerians do not need another Biafran war. The Igbos can’t afford another blood shed. I was born into a Biafran family. My late maternal grand father chief Samuel Ewuzie Asomugha’s mother and Ojukwu senior are paternal brother and sister. My grand father went into the Army and upon his return, ventured into private business and was very successful. He never went into politics directly but indirectly stayed connected to the affairs of ndi Igbo through his generosity and sponsorship of others into politics.

Growing up in a family strongly rooted with memories of Biafra, even as a kid, I had conflict within me. I never understood why my maternal uncle, the late Odumegwu Ojukwu single handedly masterminded what we know today as “Biafran Holocaust” I will never wish that on anyone not even my worst enemy. I was born in the late seventies so didn’t witness Biafra war but my parents did. We all know Biafra war was unsuccessful.

The sabotage and betrayal amongst the key players, gruesome deaths of millions of Igbo citizens, thousands of picture and stories of children stricken by starvation and kwashiokor are forever embedded in the depths of our hearts. To those instigating another Biafra war with your articles, especially the non Igbo political-apologists, let the Igbos deal with their own problems.

Have you all forgotten so quickly? If Biafra war was unsuccessful back in the sixties when most Igbos were politically misinformed and misguided by some selected few, what makes anyone think Biafra will be a success in the 21st century when most Igbos are well educated and logical thinkers? The reasons behind Biafran war could have been avoided. Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914 and gained her independence in 1960.

Why are we still stuck in a movement that almost destroyed Nigeria? I will never support or become a Biafran for the following reasons.

a. Biafran war was unsuccessful. The Igbos sabotage themselves. Lack of unity, lack of trust.
b. Biafran war was senseless and could have been avoided
c. Reasons behind the war was never truthfully explained to Ndi Igbo.
d. The war created a permanent stigma between Ndi Igbo and other tribes in Nigeria
e. The Igbo people are perceived as anti Nigerians.
f. The Igbo tribe are marginalized indirectly because of Biafran war.

The fear of the unknown. We may never live to see an Igbo president in Nigeria because of fear of the unknown. Who in their right mind will elect a president from a tribe that promotes disintegration of their own country?

Don’t be fooled by some political courtesan who sit behind their desk and write unauthorized venomous articles about the oppression and suffrage of Ndi Igbo when indeed they have contributed directly or indirectly to some of the plight the Igbos face today. How many Igbos were employed by these self acclaimed Igbo propagandists when they were in position of power?

Stop the pretense, you don’t care about the Igbos. Don’t instigate and push the youths into another senseless war for your own selfish gain.

If you have nothing positive to contribute to the country, take an early retirement.”

Thank you my dear , don't mind them. LMAO! YOU PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR WHO TO KILL NOT US! where is ifeajuna?

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