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Sunday, 18 October 2015



   Two police robbers has been arrested in Onitsha Anambra state by the special anti robbery squad in Anambra state.
The two suspects Ekene Uche Ohani and Benjamin Obinwanne where arrested during one of their operations.

 The gangs has been involved in several cases of robbery and snatching of cars along Onitsha -Owerri road  and even robbing commercial buses during the day and at night.

 The two policemen where serving in Oguta in Imo state and Owerri in Anambra before they where dismissed from the police force.

Narrating how they operate , "I formed a gang of robbers , we usually mount road blocks as per stop and search and then snatch big cars from the owner.

 We also rob passengers travelling from Anambra state to Imo state. After snatching the car ,a member of the gang will sell the car and then give me my own share of 200 000 thousand or more depending on the type of car we snatched".

 Police in Anambra set up  a monitoring  team with men from SARS and that was how they got caught.

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