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Friday, 23 October 2015


South African police and students are having serious clash friday at president zuma's offices following a week of protest.

Students are protesting against school fees increment and that has turned violent. Students on friday lit a fire and hurled stones at the police guarding the union building ahead of an address by zuma.

The protest caps a week of angry demonstration over the cost of university education prohibitive for many blacks amidst frustration at the inequalities that persist two decades after the end of white minority.
" He is not taking us serious, one of the student said". We have been here for a while , we want free education, we are not afraid of the police, our fight will win they chanted.

A statement from the presidency says that zuma is secretly meeting with the student leaders and university management to mend the increment.

Tuition fees in the universities are about $4500 per year.Universities stated that they need high fee so as to meet up with standard but government is insisting that they cant meet up with the demand for free education.

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