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Thursday, 5 November 2015



A 10 years old boy has penned down a letter pleading with the judge to still keep his mum in prison.

According to the boy , he was 4 when he witnessed his mum fight with his dad. The reason for the quarrel was that the little boy was put in a timeout , and the mother got mad about it.

He disclosed that he heard his parents fighting and his dad shoved his mum. He said he watched his mum grab a knife and thrust it in his fathers chest before putting it back in a sink. His father Robert Takach died at the hospital at the age of 25.

His mother Shannon smith now 29 was convicted of manslaughter and tampering with evidence. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Shannon smith appeared in court on Wednesday in Ohio to seek for early release but his ten years old boy Bradly wrote a letter to the judge asking him to put his mother behind bars lol. He wrote,

"Dear judge peeler , i feel that my mum should stay in prison because i see her stab my dad clean in the heart while carrying my little sister in his arms. Life for me would be 10 times better if mum didn't kill my dad because that took a big amount of happiness out of mine and my sisters life. Say no to domestic violence , walk away if the kitchen is too hot!

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