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Friday, 13 November 2015


A baby trafficker ran out of luck yesterday when karma caught up with her on her way to Lagos to
sell a one week old baby boy.
The suspect a 25 years old lady named Nkechi obi who claimed to be a farmer and a sales lady in Onitsha said she was on her way to hand over the baby to the buyer who was waiting for her at cele bus stop in Lagos.

Investigations revealed that the baby was stolen from her biological mother who left home on finding out she was pregnant.

Trouble started when the driver of the car she chattered from Asaba to Lagos discovered that Nkechi can't breast fed the 1 week old baby boy despite ceaseless cries from the baby through out their six hours journey to Lagos.

Instead Nkechi was continuously feeding the new born with baby formula. The driver become suspicious and alerted police men on getting to oshodi, the police men interrogated the lady and found out that the baby wasn't hers.

" I was in the shop at No 1 our line street main market Onitsha when my madam who i sell cloths for , came and told me to go and change to something better that i was to embark on a trip to Lagos. She handed a baby to me with a food-flask and baby milk. She also gave me the telephone number of the woman i was to hand the baby over to. The woman in question is barren. I was to meet her at cele bus stop".

Report had it that the supposed barren woman had two female children and then needed a male child due to pressure from his husband who wants to marry a new wife. The suspect nkechi obi narrated that she was also a baby factory for his husband who married her at 16 and then drove her away after having four kids for him.

The main suspect who handed the baby over to nkechi has fled on hearing the news of nkechi's arrest. Lagos state police commissioner Fatai Owoseni has ensured that everyone behind the case will be arrested.

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