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Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Charlie sheen confessed about his status last month that he had HIV and had slept with so many women through out 4 years of having the virus . The revelation instigated serious fear in Kris Jenner whom her little daughter Kylie is dating a rapper by name TYGA.

Charlie sheen opened up that he slept with a former prostitute named Mia isabella who once dated rapper Tyga. Kris Jenner went ballistic on hearing the story and then asked kylie to end her relationship with the rapper. Kylie confronted Tyga on the issue and tyga went berserk , stormed out of her house, called her a stupid little bitch and then told her she is done with her.

Kris Jenner on hearing that stormed her daughter's house with her men, packed everything that belongs to Tyga and send it elsewhere. She then gave him a warning not to come close to her daughter's house again. Tyga and Kylie later reunited and the family had apparently forgiven him.

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