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Saturday, 7 November 2015


A registered midwife has been apprehended by the police in Lagos following his involvement in the
sale of a new born. According to sources, the baby was bought at the price of 50 thousand Naira from
her teenage mother who delivered the baby in the hospital facility.

The teenager Chinyere Amechi fled her parents home one year ago after realizing she is pregnant for her boyfriend. After delivery she handed over the baby to one Mrs Virginia Nwuzor the midwife who in turn took him to another 51 years old woman who is also a member of the baby selling syndicate called Mrs Ekewe.

Chinyere later returned to her parents to plead with them to accept her back , they were happy that their daughter has returned and then took her to the hospital for self examination due to some changes they noticed in her body.

At the hospital, results then showed that chinyere has given birth. This rouse the parents suspicious which prompted them to ask about the whereabouts of the baby. Chinyere confessed to them of how she sold the baby to a nurse for 50,000 Naira at MCC hospital and then gave her boyfriend the money to rent a house at orile iganmu in lagos.

The matter was reported to the police . The police invited and quizzed the director of the hospital which led to the arrest of the nurse and her syndicates. The confession also led to the arrest of the gynecologist and other staffers in the hospital.

When police asked Mrs ekewe about the baby in her care, she stated that the baby was handed over to a childless couple. Police is still in search of the supposed couple.

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