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Sunday, 1 November 2015



Nigeria talented Actress Genevieve Nnaji has finished her movie which she titled Road to yesterday which is set to appear on cinemas soon. In an exclusive chat , the sultry actress who has been absent expressed that the reason for her absence on screen was to make the type of movie she can associate with. The rest of the interview below,

When should your fans expect your new work, Road to Yesterday, to hit the cinemas?

They should just hold their peace a little more. The Nigerian premiere would hold on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, in Lagos.

What inspired the production of the film at this point in time?

Having waited for something of interest for me to do to entertain my fans; having missed the craft, I did not find anything of interest. So, I figured that I had to take my fu­ture in my own hands and produce the type of movie that I want to be associated with at this point in time. I mean a film that will reflect my growth as a person and as an artiste, and also where I feel the industry should be turning towards. It is a statement in so many ways. It just felt like the right time to do it.

Why the choice of the title?

The story chose the title. We had to think of a title that fitted the type of story that we are tell­ing. It is a journey back in time about a couple trying to amend their marriage. They wanted to find out the history of their problem and from where the problem sprang up.

Would it be safe to conclude that the proj­ect marks your formal return to regular act­ing?

I never left but now that I am produc­ing movies, I will definitely produce another one. I might not perform in all the movies produced by The Entertainment Network (TEN). TEN will keep producing movies for Nigeria, in Nigeria and with Nigerians. I will still look out for offers that come my way and I hope to get something good.

How would you describe the film and where was it shot?

It is intelligent, mentally challenging, intriguing and if you are an adult or you are in an adult relationship, you should watch the film. The movie was shot in Lagos.

Many of your colleagues prefer going abroad to shoot their films, why did you opt to do yours locally even as it’s your first work?

I cannot imagine going outside Nigeria to shoot my first movie. The story demanded that it is shot here. I would want to produce my first movie in an industry that I am a product of and keep it true to the nation. The Entertainment Network is focussed on grooming local talents. If we want to do a feature film that is whole­heartedly Nigerian, we need to do it here.

Does any part of the film reflect anything about Genevieve either as an individual or thespian?

That is the fact that I don’t dwell on bad situations for too long before moving on.

If you were to advice a Genevieve on how best to protect her relationship, marriage and image, what would you say to her?

I would tell her never take anyone for granted. If you love someone, don’t waste time in letting them know. Life is too short and we have to make every minute count.

After Road to Yesterday what’s next?

We are already working on another movie which is veering towards comedy, with bigger and more famous stars. My fans should keep their fingers crossed; we should be working on our next project in a couple of months.

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