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Sunday, 1 November 2015



President Mohammed Buhari during an India African forum in India stated that Nigeria is broke.

Some prominent Nigerians from all works of life has spoken on the issue . Alhaji barabe musa , the

one time governor of kaduna state declared that Nigeria isn't broke, stressing that a country with 170 million people with plenty human resources, a flourishing Agricultural profile and immense crude oil deposit can not possibly be broke.

He said that a country with 170 million people with 170 million ideas can not just be a failure. What we need is leadership. He tackled the government for its inactivity since its inception 5 months ago.What we need now is a government that can perform.

We have APC that is in power. For five months they are not doing anything and all they are saying is that Nigeria is broke. The former governor accused the president of having an insight into the economy before he assumed office, wondering why he is making an issue out of it now.

He challenged the president to quit lamenting . Babatope another prominent Nigerian said i don't know what they mean by that. Awolowo never believed that a country can go broke. The economy is tied to the priorities and programmes of the government.

I know that their are hard times but the country is not broke. We hope to see a 2016 budget that will project Buhari economic agenda geared towards resuscitating the economy, they said.

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